First 12 members from Ohio who post win Ohio agent marketing packs.

Ohio agents can get all their approved continuing ed for free online from you.

Shipping free too.

Kim will ship to first 12 who post from OH.

Merry Christmas.

Bill Forrest
MSRE Home Inspection Services
3619 Rockport Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44111

Derek Grace

BOOM :smiley:

Kevin Leonard
Monroe, Ohio

Ohio here!
Thomas McClay

Rob Nusbaum
Toledo OH

Go Buckeyes!

Kristi Deem
Wadsworth, OH

Shaun Atkinson
Franklin OH

Medina, Oh

I could use.

Scott Eckert
Sandusky, OH

J Frederick
defiance oh

I’ll take one.

Dave Range
29523 Fairway Blvd.
Willowick, Ohio 44095

BTW, I’m still waiting for whatever it was you said you were sending out to all of the Ohio members about a month ago, I was thinking maybe it was going to be a stack of these cards.

Thanks and Happy Holidays

Wow, finally broke 12.

Do you mean to tell me the party is not happening right now?:frowning:

I guess it is in Ohio. It almost became a New Year party.