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Please reply with your name, nachi ID, and your favorite song to win a How to Perform Roofing Inspections book.

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Michael Stephenson
Nick Jette
Stephanie Engolio
Adam Van Wyk
Neil Gram
John Shannon
Deric Tibbs
Matthew Reed
David Nedland
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Robert Hayes
Scott Watson
Jennifer Mccurry
David Orr
David Dion

We’ll be getting your information and sending you the How to Perform Roofing Inspections book soon! Happy holidays!

Neil Gram Nachi20030508

Free stuff is the best stuff!

Michael Stephenson
Merry Christmas!

Fly By Night by RUSH

Dave Bergmuller
4 Corner Home Inspections
Winnipeg, Canada
Merry Christmas!

Joshua Furry
PO Box 34
Blanket, TX 76432
TREC 22202
Merry Christmas

Nick Jette - Southbound by Carrie Underwood

Premier Home Inspection Svcs.

New Hampshire

NACHI 13081413

Scott Watson


Favorite color: Red

Roman Sitaruk


Dustin Sawmiller
I can only imagine

Chad Sherman
Frankfort, Indiana!

Richard Echeverria
Clermont, Fl

stephanie engolio, NACHI16031517 amazing grace

Sarah orendt
Rosslyn, ON

Kevin Kerley
Topeka, KS

Adam Van Wyk

“With Every Power Wide Awake”

Neil Gram Nachi20030508 No woman no cry

Would love this!

I’d like one

Dave gress