First 3 Certified Master Inspectors to reply win leather CMI padfolios.

First 3 CMIs to reply win. Certified Master Inspectors only please.

Chloe the Elf will ship them.

Merry Christmas.

Ron Cleland
385 Ottawa Avenue SE
Hutchinson MN. 55350
Merry Christmas

Michael Altizer
1920 Memorial Drive
Pulaski, Virginia. 24301

Mike Meeker
1445 N.W. 9th Street
Dania Beach, Fl
Merry Christmas

Les Abstein

Congratulations to the first 3 CMI’s who replied. Enjoy!

thank you

Thank you Chloe. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Todd Hoffmeyer
12841 Iowa Ave NE
Alliance, Ohio 44601