First 3 to reply win Two Level Voltage Tester. Merry Christmas.

Compliments member Jeff Wicklander of

Thanks Jeff!

To win, post your name and city.

Unless you give us other instructions, your prize will be shipped to the address you have on file in

If you already have the item, don’t want it, or have won plenty already but still want to play… post “PASS.”

Merry Christmas!

Christopher Levia
Red Deer

Gary Farnsworth
Olathe, KS

Ray Thoroman
Gainesville GA

Ron Cleland
Hutchinson, MN. 55350

James E Braun
Jefferson City, MO


Kevin Wood
Sault Ste Marie On.

mtimpanni tucson

Roy Drangstveit Prior Lake

Nice web site. I would like mine to look like that.

Quick responses… first 3 are the winners! Happy Holidays!!

Mark Simmons
Maricopa Az.