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You must include your city, state, and answer the following: What was given away on the first day of Christmas? Must be part of the Buy Back Guarantee program to win!

In the spirit of including as many people as possible, we will try to give prizes to those who haven’t won or have not won as many.

Todd Hoffmeyer
Alliance, Ohio
Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas

Okotoks AB, Can

NACHI 16070630

Partroige and a paired tree of something :crazy_face:

Erik VanMeter
NACHI 14030407
Lesage WV

Chad Noahr

Omaha, NE

Nachi ID 21042424

partridge in a pear tree

Jennifer McCurry
Leesburg, FL
Partridge in a pear tree

Joe VArnell
NAshville TN
A partridge in a pear tree :slight_smile:

The winners are:

Dan Shoop
Chad Noahr
Joe Varnell
Todd Hoffmeyer
Erik VanMeter

Points to those who answered ~

David Nedland
Internachi ID 190325537
La Farge, WI