First licenses issued in Ohio!

Ohio Home Inspector roster as of end of business 8/1/19 shows 78 Active Home Inspector licenses, 37 Pending licenses, 121 Pending checklist. If you have a license application in progress, it might be time to check and see if you are one of the 78.

Mike, where did you find the list?
Scroll down the page
Select Generate Roster(s)
Check the box, Select Ohio Home Inspector (OHI)
Click Continue at the bottom of the page
Brings up a choice of Excel, csv,
Pop up window/download occurs

A couple of clip screens below[Real_Estate_and_Profession_Licensing

Here’s the file I downloaded this evening
(2).csv|attachment](upload://5WcSB9UIJZLTTkZW3gebsrAUxUU.csv) (31.8 KB)

Thank you!

Finally - after 20 years!

Mike, did you get your license?

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Yes, it arrived Monday, 8/5/19.

Approved. Waiting on license.

Hi Guys

So glad to here that things are moving on this. Do you know where one needs to go to start the application process?

Here is the link, Arthur

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It’s been 8 months since this was signed into law. How does any Ohio Home Inspector not know what is going on?

November 1st I bet a lot of people are going to be out of business.

Real_Estate_and_Profession_Licensing (16).csv (40.8 KB)

Out of curiosity, has anyone heard of an applicant getting denied?

Got my docs in the mail to the DOC and fingerprints off to the BC&I + FBI today.
Many thanks for the guidance!

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Fingerprints must be provided within 10 days of filing of the application or should not be taken before the filing of the application. I would like to ask what they consider the day of filing the application? Are they figuring the date the notary signs this application?

Soon the state will require one to submit blood sample for DNA testing. Maybe you left your DNA at a crime scene somewhere… will help them solve crime, YEP!

I can’t seem to find an updated list of licensed H.I. In Ohio, I mailed in my application 3 weeks ago. I see they just cashed my check Sept 4.

Greg, call them on Monday. I noticed that after your name it says “checklist pending” which tells me info is missing. I just tried to pull up the link again to send to you but now the site is down. They are very helpful when you call.
I had a similar problem with my fingerprints. I would have never known unless I called. I just got approved yesterday. this is the link (when it works!):

Greg, the number to call is 614-466-4100. Let me know what you find out.:blush:

Great, thank you Joseph. I really appreciate your help again. I will call