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They are all in your collection?

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They were all printed in the USA.

Yes. Paper Currency and Banknotes – Nick Gromicko

But what interesting thing do they all have in common?

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Hmmm. At one time they each could be redemmed for their equivalent value in either gold or silver.

Yes, but all U.S. currency is printed in the U.S. What is particular about these bills? What interesting thing do they all have in common?

No. The $100 bill is not a gold or silver certificate. It’s like the money we have today, backed by nothing.

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They are replacement notes?

Nope. They are all original. Beautiful too, IMHO.

They’re all printed on currency paper.

Thats nothing particular to these and not very interesting. This thing they have in common is really amazing.

If you scroll down, you can click on the images at Nick Gromickos Currency Contest to see a magnified view of each bill.

All counterfeits.

The Seal of The Treasury of North American in Latin? Instead the seal of the of the Department of the Treasury.

Nope. All authentic. Each of them is professionally graded by a grading service.

Nope. But on a side note, we really should rename the U.S. Treasury. It has no treasures. Just debt.


Well, they have a LOT in common.
But what’s unusual?

They’re likely all worth much more than their face value at this point.
Maybe they even served a store of wealth, beating inflation.

They are “star” notes.

They were are printed in Wash DC?

They all have hair on them? who’s shavings?