First town house inspection

I’ve been licensed for about seven months now in Louisiana and have done a fair amount of inspections on single houses. I got a call this morning for my first town house on Friday. I know it’s pretty much the same, but are there any items that stand out, town house specific, that I should focus on? I understand the shared walls is one… Thanks in advance for the input.

Yes firewalls and it is a good idea to find out what is common area.

If the age of the townhome is getting up there in years, it’s a good idea to tell them to inquire with the manager/management company if there are any big repairs or replacements coming up. The cost of replacing decks, roof, new blacktop, exterior cladding, etc can increase the monthly assoc. dues.


Be sure to get a good look at the roof flashing from your home to the adjoining neighbors. Make sure whose flashing issue it belongs to if there is one.