Flat Roof Inspections - Core Sample

For those with experience with commercial flat roof IR inspections. Are you doing the core sample to verify moisture, or is the verification left to the end user, and their desired contractor?


If you plan to do core sampling on a roof, you better be hooked up with a reputable roofer to repair the core hole. And what if there is no moisture problem, now you got a patched roof.
Better let the condition of a roof left to the client and roofer of his choice after it has been inspected by aa qualified roofer. JMO

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I’m not looking to do the core sampling, if I don’t need to. I’m just looking to better understand the process, and who is involved, and the role the thermographer has.

When looking at a flat roof you should endeavor to views the steel/wood deck from underneath paying particular attention for rust or moisture tracing. You may need to lift a suspended ceiling or look into the cavity through access points. Some phenolic deck insulation under the roof covering can produce a toxic, acidic leachate that can corrode steel decks through from the topside. Only fix is to replace the roof covering and topside insulation.

D’Arcy, when I did it I brought my own qualified roofer and recored and patched as was stated in my agreement.

He was really qualified:


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