FLIR Apple Mobile Software

Just to let everyone known the new FLIR E-Series camera communicate via WiFi with Apple mobile devices like iPhones, iTouches, & iPads.

Not only can you edit images but also send images or reports right out of your iPhone via email, cloud service, or to your own web server.

If you have any questions about how they work let me know.
OJ Utter

This looks like an incredible function.

Has anyone else been having trouble properly seeing their Infrared images on their IPAD? I can see the images in the small thumbnail view just fine. When I tap the thumbnail to have the image enlarged to full-screen, the colors become very distorted.

I know the Ipad is capable of producing the infrared colors because they look perfect in the miniature thumbnails. I can also see the images correctly when using the remote desktop function.

Any input?

Wait for them to roll out the Droid OS software…it is coming. Then get a droid type pad/tablet.

I like Apple devices, but there always seems to be problems when dealing with real world software.

The Mororola Xoom is out soon. I think it will lend its self well to our inspection needs. As well as a fun toy!