Flir b-50 For Sale

Flir b-50 Infrared Camera

This camera is barely used. I have only used it for training and a few home inspections. It still has 1.5 years of warranty left. Perfect condition!!!
Retails for $6000.00 asking $3250.00
Call or email me
John 720-244-115

• Digital Camera – 2.3 Megapixels
with built-in LED lights provides sharp
images regardless of lighting conditions
• Picture in Picture (PiP) – Displays
resizable IR image super-imposed
over a digital image
• Wide Temperature Range – Measures
from -20 °C to +120 °C targeting building
• ± 2% Accuracy – Reliable temperature

IR resolution 140 x 140 pixels
Digital camera 1536 x 1536 pixels
Lightweight 600 g
Laser Pointer
Copy to USB
Fusion (3 steps Picture in Picture)
5 hours battery
LED lights
21 languages
Dew point & Insulation alarm
NETD 90 mK
5 hours
• Insulation alarm – Shows the insulation
performance of the building structure
• Dew point alarm – Alerts you to
the areas where there is a risk of
• Thumbnail Image Gallery – Allows
quick search of stored images
• Laser Pointer – Pinpoints the hot spot
on the IR image with the real physical
• Micro SD Card – Stores more than