FLIR IR Camera Deal

$500 discount on BCAM SD (free shipping, no tax).

and I’m sure the deals will just keep getting better and better…what will they think of next…“The Bionic Man”

Lee Majors

Great deal if you live in the USA .
Flir says to professional equipment they can not sell this into Canada.
I guess I am wrong free trade does still not exist .
What I need is some one in Watertown NY that I can ship to and I will drive down and get it from them .
Show up at the border and pay the taxes.
I can Buy it in Canada for about $1,000;00 more .
I have signed up for the course on Dec 4th and had hoped to have it by then,
… Cookie

And the price just keeps going down and the quality just keeps going up.

As I have predicted, within 5 years, thermal imaging will be as common to HIs as a moisture meter.


Better check it out, taxes are not the only concern. The microbolometer is the part that can be used as/for heat seeking “devices”.

HOMELAND SECURITY may nab you by the short-hairs trying to leave or enter, for just this reason.

Bushy isn’t letting anyone go from the camps without a fight.