FLIR Sale at Inspector Outlet!

Hi folks, we’re having a sale on some FLIR products right now at Inspector Outlet, which includes the FLIR E5XT and E6XT infrared cameras.

Products and pricing are listed here:

Thank you!


Wish I could afford one. Kid #2 is due any day now. I’ll wait a few months after the diapers start to slow down haha. Cool though you guys are having a sale on them!


Congrats to you guys! :grinning:

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Thanks! It’s about to be an exhausting next couple of months haha. Our first kid was insanely easy. Slept great, never cried, super chill. The second is a boy, we’re doomed. :joy::joy:

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Congratulations, Jacob!

Yeah, I remember the dry heaves… :rofl:

Better you than me at this point in life…they’re great! :joy:

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Nice price for a 120-160 resolution. Meets/Surpasses RESNET minimal thermal resolution standards. I think I paid well over ><3,500 for my FLUKE Ti100 8 years ago.

Congrats on the baby! We just had ours 6 months ago, it’s been a fun time!


Thanks! Never had a problem with the diapers. No gag reflex here haha.


Nice congradulations to you too!

Congrats as well!

Haha! With 3 kids, my gag reflex can handle a lot! :grinning:

Best of luck Jacob!!!

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Congratulations jacob