Florida Approves InterNACHI's FREE 120-Hour ONLINE Pre-Licensing Course & ONLINE Exam

To become a licensed home inspector in Florida, you have to:
• complete a 120-hour pre-licensing course; and
• pass the state exam.

InterNACHI provides both ONLINE.

The 120-hour online course is FREE to members.

Visit http://www.nachi.org/florida-licensed-home-inspector.htm


This is a first for Florida. Florida now approves InterNACHI’s online course curriculum for pre-licensing.

This is bigger Florida news than last month when they approved InterNACHI’s exam for pre-licensing.

Move over Florida, I just received my Florida state license in the mail. But before anyone gets excited that there is yet another inspector added to the bloated list of Florida inspectors I live in Michigan and don’t immediate plans on setting up bussiness in Flordia just yet. I took the InterNACHI pre-licensing clsss in Tampa (class was awesome, some minor tweaks needed) and require proctored NAHIE. My plan is to go to Tiger spring training and do inspection to pay the way. Just kidding but I thought about it. My long term plan is to move closer to Family some day and though I would get a jump on a few things.