Florida DBPR licenses InterNACHI as an education provider for home inspectors.

Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation approved InterNACHI as an education provider for home inspectors.

Awesome! Congratulations InterNachi.

InterNACHI… #1 in Florida.

No – Florida GATORS are #1

Does this mean that the Internachi Wind Mit course is now sufficient to satisfy the requirements for performing these inspections?

I seriously can’t imagine any scenario where the industry’s best, most robust Wind Mitigation course would be rejected in favor of a weaker course by the DBPR, FL OIR, anyone else.

The course may need some upgrading to include the new form as there still doesn’t apparently exist a consensus on just the heck is says or how to fill it out correctly. The odds of getting straight, definitive answers out of the OIR are about as good as those of a chicken in a hobo camp.

Good work Nick
NACHI #2 in Florida!!!

This course is outdated. Anyone who fills out an OIRB1 following the guidelines this course will have a lot annoyed clients and underwriters. It needs to be updated

I took & passed the course (nice certificate) anyway the MySafeFlorida stuff needs to go, and the new form & the Bill York definitions need to be added.