Florida holds Pulte accountable for improper construction

Pam Bondi reaches settlement with Pulte…
Pulte Homes settles construction complaint with Florida attorney general

It is good that a big builder is being held accountable for their lack of action and problems in building. However this is extremely small compared to the many, many problems out there!

There is no such thing as perfection but even in a home the vast majority of issues can be found and corrected. That leads to one of many major problems consumers face when deciding to build a new home. No AHJ can staff their offices with enough people to perform proper inspections on homes. Builders take advantage of this by either denying home buyers the right to have their own third party inspection or severely limiting them in many ways. That needs to stop.

Another amazing fault is the lack of a “Right of Rescission Period” law in many States, Texas included, for home buyers wanting to back out of a contract. Here in Texas builders don’t allow buyers to walk out of their office with an unsigned contract and there is no right of rescission period once they sign. As a result they have no way to have an Attorney review the very well worded builder contract unless they bring an Attorney to the signing table with them, and that isn’t going to happen.

So many other simple things that can be done to protect consumers that won’t even cost the builder a penny but our Gubberment (Local, State, and Federal) refuse to act.

We love Pulte, Divosta, Del Webb… and Lennar and Toll Brothers and Mento and DR Horton and Stock and Ashton Woods and and all of them! :wink: :lol: