Florida home inspection business for sale.

Inspection Business for Sale:

Due to health reasons there I’m selling my inspection business on the Treasure Coast of Florida. I’ve only been at it for two years now. In my second year second year (2017), I did 168 reports for with gross sales of 44,310. I stopped marketing in June of 2017 due to back issues but continue to do a decent amount of inspections with some core realtors. Due to not marketing, business is slowing and I’ve done $5,569.98 year to date. I am selling the business, not the franchise territory which brings a lot of restrictions and costs into the equation. I am looking for $25,000 for the business with 10,000 up front and monthly payments with no interest over the next three years of $416.67. All information is strictly confidential.

Thank you,
Vince Sartoris