Fluke TiS for sale

I have a Fluke Tis for sale. It is used but very little, hence why I am selling it! I would say it has less than 2 hours use total. Comes with everything that it originally did! Originally $2400.00 selling for $1800.00 plus actual shipping. Call Becky or Eric 970-799-7345 or 970-731-9925

Good luck with that.

Available EVERYWHERE for $1995 NIB w/warranty.

IMO… Used is worth about 50% of current new price, if that, being a low end unit!

Yes, used is used, whether 2 minutes, or 2 hours, or 200 hours!

Not to mention first post is to sell a $2,000 camera with not even a picture. take it from someone almost scammed here–if this is anything but credit card or paypal, don’t bother.