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Wish I had a picture of this, but it didn’t register until I got home.

sidehill construction with walkout basement/crawlspace. Exposed side of the home has a 1’ footing following the slope of the hillside at about a 30 degree angle the length of the home. Ok…no problem there, however the top of the footing also holds the same angle. Typically I would see a stepped type footing here wouldn’t I? The sill plate follows the angle so each stud is also angle cut to meet the sill.
I tried to locate a detail on this to show the client, but was unable to come up with one.

You can sort of see what I’m talking about but this picture was taken from the outside looking downslope.

Modica 011.jpg


Typically, stepped footings are poured horizontally at a maximum vertical drop of 2’ and minimum horizontal of 2’. similar to this below.
Frost protection and being below the frost line would be another factor, unless it is on ledge.

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It needs to be a step footing so the house doesn’t slide off the top of the foundation and into the ravine.

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I think there is IRC code covering the described situation, and I think it was quoted recently in another thread.


I believe it would be under:

R403.1.5 Slope

The top surface of footings shall be level. The bottom surface of footings shall not have a slope exceeding one unit vertical in 10 units horizontal (10% slope).
Footings shall be stepped where it is necessary to change the elevation of the top surface of the footings or where the slope of the bottom surface of the footings will exceed one unit vertical in ten units horizontal ( 10% slope).

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