For Sale DJI Mavic Pro.....$650

For Sale DJI Mavic Pro

Condition : Brand New, Sealed in box

Complete Warranty

Price : $650

WHATSAPP CHAT :: +13512076176

What’s Included

Mavic Pro × 1
Battery Charging Hub × 1
Propeller Pair × 2
Car Charger × 1
Intelligent Flight Battery × 3
Shoulder Bag × 1
Battery to Power Bank Adaptor × 1

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beans and bread Huh? Can you include a slice of spam :mrgreen:

Lol, nice. :smiley:

Nice Price However…if it does include 3 batteries. But alas it is more than likely a SCAM that will never result in any actual products being sold.

Also based on that price I would venture to say the Remote is not included.