For sale Sun 1027 radon monitor $500

I am selling my sun 1027. I have used it 5 times in two years. Bought it in March 2008 with printer DPU-414, paid $856.00.Calibrated by Sun at 2.2% error, checked by Radon measurement Lab in Colorado IRE= 4.7 5 due for calibration again in March. Too costly to be certified and have the monitor calibrated for the use it gets. Comes in a hard case. It is worth what ever some one is willing to pay, let me know. Gary


You should have all kinds of radon in North Dakota. I always thought that faint glow to the north was you guys. How come no business?

I sent you a PM. Check your messages under “Control Panel”


We’re looking for a 2nd monitor. We have the same exact one. Please email me with your price.


Hi Gary,
PLease let me know how much you are asking for it?
Dan Wilson

Re: For sale Sun 1027 radon monitor $500

For those of you who are shopping…

The hard case is nice, but you can pick up a small tool box at home depot for about $10.00 that works just as good.

The printer is practically useless IMO. I just download to my comp and print from there. I guess if you don’t use computers, and are into hand written checklist inspection reports, then the printer would be your only option.

You do need a USB/serial cable to download the data to your comp. Those can be purchased all over for about $10.00. You don’t need the one from Sun.

Really the only thing you need from Sun is the monitor itself which sells for $595.00 new (and calibrated.)

If you buy a used monitor it will need calibration within the year. Calibration is $135.00 plus $18.00 shipping there, and $18.00 shipping back (from Sun, there are other calibration companies that charge less).

I make these comments from personal experience. I’ve purchased new from Sun, and I’ve purchased used. Both were perfectly good monitors. If I were to be shopping today, I would only buy the monitor, and would likely buy new directly from Sun unless the used one was less than $250.00.

This “package” deal seems like a reasonable price for all that you are getting, if that is what you want.

Thanks for the info Mark

Totally agree Mark. I bought my first 1027 used off of ebay and after Calibration and shipping it ended up costing me a little more than my second one I purchased from Sun

Hi Gary,
I’m still looking to buy a sun 1027 monitor in good condition for a fair price.
Just call me 970-567-0914.

Mark -

I’m Confused … when you say you use a computator for inspections.

Don’t you use a custom hand-written report; you’re not really using one of those boiler plate computerized type narrative / checklists are youse??

Digital Narrative Report all the way! :mrgreen:

Do you still have this monitor for sale. My contact info is Bill Scott 704-846-0770 or 704-400-1550 cell


Does it come with the printer? I’ll take it if you take credit cards.


I would call him direct. His opening post was his first and only in 5 years, and that was 16 months ago. Chances are he won’t be checking back anytime soon.

Gary I need this machine can you please call me for payment arrangements.
Tim P. 704-860-1491

Tim, did you realize that this thread is over 6 years old? :wink:

I will take it if still available.

Sad to see how some who wish to be successful inspectors need to look a little closer and read a bit more .

I offer $450, if you still have it. respond to or to my phone, 504-430-9766