FORD renews partnership with InterNACHI, saving InterNACH members millions of dollar$


I’m thrilled to announce that as of today, the Ford Motor Company has decided to continue the partnership it has had with InterNACHI for more than a decade.

InterNACHI members in both the U.S. and Canada can continue to save thousands of dollars on Ford vehicles.



Well this is kind of bullshit. I literally just bought a Ford 3 weeks ago and they did not offer this program.
Brand new 2021 Ford.

You should be more specific and say that Ford is only doing this deal with orders and not existing trucks on the lot. At least that’s how it is in Alaska.

Man, Nick can’t catch a break on the forum lately, Lol.


Salesmen never catch breaks! If he was more open, he’d sell less. Only give enough information that intrigues interest in order to draw in attention. Sales 101.

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My local dealer said the backlog is ending. I hope so.

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Just a thought but I believe the partnership is with Ford Corporate, not with the thousands of local dealerships. So does a dealership have to always provide discounts that corporate Ford offers? I don’t know exactly how dealerships work but in other industries these offers only work with “participating” locations.

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Good luck with finding one. I’d imagine Ford is going to have all kinds of deals coming up before the end of the year.

Just bought a 2021 F150 a few weeks ago with 12 miles on it. It was the only 2021 they had on the lot. Incredibly, got it for 3k less than blue book. They were selling 2018 Platinums for more than they were selling my f150 for. Today’s market is insane for vehicles.

The Internachi Ford partnership gets members “X-Plan” pricing which is below MSRP by a fair amount, I used it 3 times this year. Bought two Transits and an F-150.

The X-plan saved me a decent amount off the transits, but the dealer incentives were better on the F-150 than the X-plan.

It doesn’t only work on building a vehicle, my understanding is that it only works on new vehicles. I n be bought 2020 transits but they were still considered new, and got 2021 F-150 because the inventory was slim-pickings. I have only bought used in the past but with the lack of used and new, the new vehicles were a better option IMO.


Very nice.