Ford X-Plan Savings + $500 Bonus Cash Offer!

Ford is offering four generous ways to save:

  1. Exclusive X-Plan Partner Pricing

  2. $500 X-Plan PLUS Bonus Cash

  3. Military

  4. College

For details on the current offer visit:

Ford Q4 Partner Plan Newsletter

A better way to save > buy a two year or older vehicle and pay cash. A $30,000 truck will turn into a $10,000 truck in 4 years. If you drive 100 miles a day like me, it will be worth even less. If you want to know what it feels like to drive a new vehicle, just roll down the window and throw out a $100 bill every week.

I wasn’t going to buy a new truck but with this deal, plus 0% financing, and with Ford now putting their trucks on a LIFETIME engine / drive-train warrant as long as you own the vehicle, I am actively shopping and letting 2 dealers fight for my business. Gotta love the last couple months of the year.

Don’t be stupid!

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Don’t be stupid!

I have the cash to purchase it outright without any loan. But at 0% interest, I actually make money by making auto payments and earning interest in a credit union account.

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