Forums question

Hello all. I did the CPI requirements some time ago and received the certificate, but for some reason any posts I make on the forum still say “student inspector”. How do I fix that? Or could I still be missing something?

Go to your profile and change it there.

Ask at

I didn’t know one could do that…:slight_smile:

Log out and log back in.

Check in the mail?

Logged out and back in. I won’t see if it changed until posting however…

Nope, still says “student inspector”. Odd. The quick reply response said the same thing, just log out and then log back in.

Must be something else.

Thanks everyone anyway! I’ll call them Monday.

I changed mine to CMI there…
Must not work for CPI.

That is NOT the same thing. He is showing as a STUDENT not as a MEMBER!

Maybe he just logged out of the forum. You have to log out of your account completely.

Hi Michael,
I have updated your title to correctly list you as a CPI.