found the presence of termites
Carrie Bradon]( May 14, 2016, 6:41pm

GRETNA – A Jefferson Parish woman is seeking damages following an incident in which she was allegedly misinformed about the soundness of a home that she purchased.
Lori Gremillion filed a suit against House Call Home Inspection LLC, Fumigation Unlimited Inc. and XYZ Insurance Co. in the 24th Judicial District Court on April 18.
According to the claim, House Call Home Inspection and Fumigation Unlimited examined a property located at 10137 Stephen Drive in River Ridge on April 16, 2015,
that the plaintiff was considering for purchase.
The inspection was done for the purpose of checking for termites and structural soundness, the suit states.
The inspection allegedly yielded results that found the presence of termites only in several portions of the house.
Due to the results, the suit states that the plaintiff chose to purchase the property.
However, allegedly following the purchase of the property, termites were found to be in multiple locations in the residence and to such an extent that the home was not fit to be inhabited,
which purportedly resulted in monetary and other damages to Gremillion.
The defendants are accused of negligence through their failure to inspect the property thoroughly, as well as breach of duty in failing to thoroughly inspect the residence.
The plaintiff is seeking an unspecified amount in damages plus legal costs and fees. She is represented by Wallace Kent Porter in Metairie. The case has been assigned to Division B Judge Cornelius E. Regan.
*The 24th Judicial District Court Case number 759976 *

? Sorry Roy I fail to see any useful information to Canadian inspectors within the post.

Gee thanks Bruce , I wonder why you pick out this post to complain .
There are many many other posts that have no bearing on home inspections .

I hope you do not have any termites in your area .

My post shows even when the inspector reports termites it shows the inspector can still have a law suit .
It is not only Canadians who read this section.

Since last night 87 have read this post.

Write hard miss nothing.

Not a complaint simply point out not germain to any Canadian inspectors so it might well have been better off posted in the general inspection forum for all to see.

Canada not have bugs anymore lol?

Southern Ontario has termites .
They arrived in Toronto in 1938 and some Toronto areas they are a big problem .
Many other Ontario areas now have them too.
Unfortunately some Inspectors do not know what a termite tube looks like .


I disclaim termites. You need a State license to inspect for termites in California.

So if you see them you ignore them? Treat as any other defect and defer to the specialist / licensed trade. Just make sure you use the generic term WDO / WDI.