Foundation Horizontal Bow Crack / Displacement

Some minor cracking…


Lateral pressure? Any clear indication of what cause this?

Erol Kartal

Questions to ask:

  1. Thickness of wall?
  2. Reinforced or not?
  3. Height of outside grade measured from the basement floor?
  4. Presence of anything like a stoop or driveway directly outside that
  5. Other possible causes:
    a. Hydrostatic pressure
    b. Improper backfill (rocks, construction debris)
    c. Construction equipment running too close to wall.
    d. Tree roots

Look for outside to be inside next rainy season

That is nothing that filling that basement with concrete wouldn’t cure. :wink:

Ever see that movie… Tremors, with Fred Ward and Kevin Bacon?


Thats minor cracking compared to what I saw this week, which was bowed/cracked on three walls. Owner had no idea. $$$$$