foundation re-enforcement

Who can tell me what kind of foundation re-enforcement this is?
Consists of steel beams, fasteners like to hold foam board on.
All I can see as the rest has been spray foamed, not sure what is behind the steal beams?

your opinions are appreciated:)

Really can’t tell what I am looking at. No sense of perspective view of object.
Any other pictures a little further away?:slight_smile:

yes I have two, it was a narrow area.

Looks like this kind of reinforcement with ridgid insulation inbetween attached with pins.

I have seen the steel beams and cinder blocks before, its the foam board like anchors
but its not foam board, that I have seen before.
this board like material is not level/even behind the steel beams.
for example you build a cinder block wall, it would be flush and even all the way across. so anything else you attach would also be that way.

yes exactly

Could be steel wall braces used by some foundation repair companies in an attempt to hold back a wall that is bowing inward. I would guess the foam board is some type of drainage material. If so, they are treating the symptom and not the problem. Most, if not all, of these systems are scams to take some poor retired couple’s retirement money.


If that is what it is, is is hiding the potential water infiltration from any cracks that were caused by the hydrostatic pressures on the exterior and foundation failure.

Write hard my friend. :slight_smile:

thanks how can I tell if this is so?

I did a scan with my thermal camera, it showed no moisture issues in that area.

Look behind the insulation in a couple of areas.

Middle, bottom, top. OOPs that’s 3. :slight_smile:

lol, could not see behind at all was spray foamed very well, hmm

my next questions is how would I write this up?

This time of year in your area, that is possible.

I like physical inspections. :wink:

Inside out, lol, minus 20 outside, at time of inspection.
4 feet of snow on the exterior, except walkway and driveway, lol

The fresh concrete around the perimeter of the basement walls (indicating the probability of drain pipes leading to a sump pump) reinforces Randy’s hypothesis that the foam board is some sort of drainage material and not a repair of the problem but only the symptom.

The area with the foam and pins. :slight_smile:

ok thanks, makes sense, none of that in my inspection today.

But that type of remediation is not visible in the OP’s picture. Just the beam reinforcement and insulation, meaning their was a bowing issue and not a water infiltration issue.

I would think if there is a concrete block bowing issue, where an I-beam type of repair was attempted, there would probably be leakage from the cracks due to the bowing…but, I could be wrong. What do you surmise ids the reason for the fresh concrete around the basement perimeter walls? You know, from Mark’s A.'s posts, that there doesn’t need to be a correct reason to put an inside drain “fix” in the basement floor.:stuck_out_tongue: It does look like a sump pump ejector pipe in the rear of the picture.