Four bed room home

two K plus sq ft with geo thermal heat pump installed. I guess the moron that installed this system thought because it was geo no one would notice a return air in the kitchen. As a matter of fact the return in the kitchen was the only return installed period. The master bedroom was on the opposite side from the kitchen with a large living room between the two areas. No I did not hide behind the SOP :shock:

Charley, that is not your job! Just turn it one and turn it off. This will get you sued! Stick with the SOP and do not deviate.

So your a “Master HVAC mechanic” whoop T doooo

I am a Certified Master Inspector and when I inspect an AC unit according to the SOP, I turn it one and if something spins, moves or makes a noise, thats good enough for me!


they just love the smell of fried bacon throughout the house…

I never did pay any attention to the hearing aid salesman and their retoric BS. Just keep on doing my thing my way keeps me busy and out of trouble. I don’t really give a squat what others do or don’t do:D:D