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Business Development Website Launches

BOULDER, Colo. (Aug. 4, 2017)—InterNACHI® Founder Nick Gromicko has created an exciting new online resource just for property inspectors. BizVelop is a free business development tool that helps inspection companies grow and become more profitable.

Whether the user is a brand new inspector, a veteran inspector, or the owner of a multi-inspector firm, BizVelop first determines where they are now, and then boosts all areas of their inspection business to help them get to that next level — and beyond— while, at the same time, identifying weaknesses and then strengthening them to increase their profits.

“I saw a need and got to work on BizVelop to fill it,” says Gromicko, who founded the non-profit International Association of Certified Home Inspectors nearly 25 years ago. “Most inspectors may feel confident in their training to perform inspections, but managing their business requires a different skillset, and the results can make or break them, no matter how great an inspector they are.”

According to Gromicko, this unique online questionnaire will help inspectors land more inspection jobs, add additional fee-paying services, permit them to charge more for those services, improve their efficiencies, lower their risks, save them money, and boost their bottom line.

“I had to make it free,” he says, “because it’s not only good for inspectors, but it’s also great for consumers, who are the real end users in the inspection equation.”

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Creator of and Certified Master Inspector® Nick Gromicko founded InterNACHI®, which is the world’s largest home inspector association and education provider, offering inspector-related Continuing Education courses and classes that have earned more than 1,400 accreditations. InterNACHI-Certified Professional Inspectors® follow a comprehensive Standards of Practice and abide by a strict Code of Ethics to ensure that their clients receive the best and most professional service possible.

I got to page three and had to stop. Its extremely annoying. Is the whole thing just a way to pitch your products to me? I already know everything InterNACHI offers.

There are very few “products pitched” in the Additional Recommendations of each section. They are mostly home inspector success articles that we think would be helpful for you to read based on your answers to the questions.

And of the products that are mentioned, most (not all) of them are free.

And of the ones that aren’t free (Apple, Ford, E&O Insurance, etc), most of those have discounts that can be found inside that will save you thousands.

I believe there are only two products recommended by BizVelop that are not free or have no discount.

I found it a good refresher as I joined over a year ago.

Do you get some report with results or links based on your answers or do you only have a chance to see the additional info while going through and answering?

One thing that doesn’t make sense

About how many home inspections did you perform in the last 12 months?

What was the gross revenue of your inspection business last year?

Then it uses this to calculate your avg invoice (avg inspection fee).

But “last 12 months” and “lest year” are two different things.
Last 12 months means all of this year, and how many months of last year needed to make 12. Last year would be last fiscal year, If Answer both questions as asked, my average involve is going to be way off. I’ve done way more inspections in the last 12 months than I have last fiscal year.

Also, so many questions don’t have proper answers.

Case in point: The question on brouchures

Do you want InterNACHI’s Marketing Department to contact you about re-designing it?
Uh, no, they designed it in the first place.

I agree with Juan C. Jimenez, all it does it tell me about NACHI products and resources I’m already familiar with.

But not everyone is familiar with them. We added more business advice articles to the “additional recommendations” sections and adding a new one on making money with drones, next week.