Free contract to use when your client wants to pay at closing.


That’s a good document and should be useful for those who accept such practices. However, there are way too many things that can prevent a closing from happening for me to ever to risk my fee by waiting until then. Payment at time of inspection or go on to the next guy.

I agree with Ronald.

I’ve never understood the purpose for such a practice. Someone buying a house for hundreds of thousands of dollars should have enough money for a inspection up front.

Some government loans borrow the buyer the money for the home inspection or sometimes the seller pays through contribuation to closing costs. Most of my inspections get paid at closing but I deal mainly with lenders and only good honest responsible Realtors. I distance my self away for any dishonest lenders or Realtors. Yes, there is a lot people I distance myself away from, but I have way less than one percent of my inspections get paid a year. That is very good compared most industries.

Can you put it in Word for it can be edited for other types of inspections like lagoon or septic?
Thanks for always trying to better our profession.

And now with credit card guarantee. 2nd link down:

It is an added convenience for the client and 1 more reason for some clients to use our services. Thanks Nick P.S. will there be a Word version coming later, so we can add company name and logo?