FREE Energy Auditor Insurance for InterNACHI/FREA members.

FREA is now offering InterNACHI members a new Energy Auditor Insurance Program. For existing members, this coverage is included in your policy at no additional cost.

Non-FREA members should call Ben Garrison at (800) 882-4410 ext 104 for more information.

InterNACHI/FREA members already get free General Liability: The free GL is given only to InterNACHI members, diploma mill association members have to pay.

This is additional free coverage for existing InterNACHI/FREA members.

Take InterNACHI’s free, online How to be an Energy Auditor course]( now.



Will they work with (and cover) BPI/Resnet contractors with Level II infrared certification in the state of Arizona??? This would include BPI/Resnet (HERS) inspections, as well as infrared inspections on residential, commercial, industrial… just in case: this means building diagnostics and electrical inspections.

Probably… but just in case… get Infrared Certified.

Yes. Covered.

Hello all. Energy raters/auditors coverage is included free in the home inspector’s E&O program. Please click or call for details. (888) 347-5273.

I need a quote for E&O. liability and audit/thermal imaging insurance.
My policy expires next month.

Hi Nick
I tried calling Ben to get a quote for Home energy advisor insurance, but it seems that number does not work. please advise.