Free, heavyweight cotton, gorgeous Certified Master Inspector shirts. Free shipping.

We have the big boy 3X sizes too.

Shipping is also free.

Is there any end to the benefits of being a CMI? I think not!!!
Thanks again Nick for making it a no braner to join.

Oh, wait till you see what we have coming later on today or tomorrow.

Another fringe benefit to becoming a CMI. This has been the best dollars spent recently for advertising my business and promoting myself. Look what my local paper included in last weeks edition. Have heard from many local agents congratulating me. Not to mention all the FREE goodies received.

Nice, I’m liking my new red CMI hat too!! Thanks Nick.

Awesome Ron!

thank you

Very nice indeed. I will be kicking off a new add in the Home Front after the new year with the same idea Ron but this one will be geared to all the CMI’s in a 200 mile radius.
That total is 5 including Larry Cage of the US.:mrgreen:

I agree Kevin, there simply is no end to the benefits CMI can bring you. As a wise man said “Those are the Three Most Powerful words in the Inspection Business” Must have been Nick…hehe

Hey Nick, I just ordered me the Big Boy Shirt, another Great Gift from you and since I just got home from Hospital this is another awesome surprise I will wear proudly !!:cool:


I hope my wife does not wear this , i hate getting the bumps out

There are several solutions for that Wayne.:mrgreen:

Just ordered, Thanks Nick

Nick, are the T’s out of stock now?


I have as many as you want. Free.

Thanks Nick.

It took me several years to come around, but glad I joined the CMI club.

Just ordered my free shirt - very nice Nick & team :slight_smile:

got mine, thank you! My wife saw it and wants some to say “MY Dads a” in front of CMI and my phone number at the bottom so our kids can wear them…

Mark good idea, kids are a golden marketing opportunity. LOL

In all honesty, my daughter who is 16, has landed me three jobs. Friends parents buying houses. When I expand, I may have a future for her in sales…