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When I try to sign up for a membership to IAC2 it tells me " There was a problem with your submission: Any and all guidance would be appreciated.

Did you complete the necessary requirements to join?

I believe I have. I am not a CPI but I have successfully completed the “How to Perform a Mold Inspection” course and I have membership with InterNACHI.

I believe you completed step 1 and 3 and skipped 2. Step 2 is become a CPI.

You are correct. I didn’t realize I had to be a home inspector as well. I am an Asbestos Consultant and Air Analyst with an analytical laboratory. I am trying to incorporate mold inspections into my business and was looking for good accreditations to add to my portfolio. Thank you so much for your help.

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I am fully certified Florida Mold Assessor certified through NORMI with a DBPR Florida license. I am a CPI through InterNACHI as well. I loaded all proper documents and certificates the copy and pasted the coupon code as to not mistype it. This is what they returned to me instantly:

Any suggestions. I thought I would try and call them tomorrow.

Did you complete our mold course?

The application was having some technical issues over the weekend, but the issue is resolved. You can apply using the coupon now!

Nick I have not completed it through InterNACHI. I have however completed IAC2 for my continuing education annually as a Florida Mold Inspector.

That’s one of the few requirements. It’s also free.

Based on my mold certification and license through Florida and the continuing ed through them they did give me membership today. Thank you.