Free, Live Webinar: "Basic Blower Door Tests and Building Science for Home Inspectors" on Jan 9, 2020

In this free live NACHI.TV webinar with Paul Morin of, you’ll learn about basic blower door tests and building science for home inspectors, including how to:

  • Describe a blower door test
  • Explain air leakage basics
  • Identify major air leakage locations
  • Classify the blower door results
  • List reasons why air sealing is important
  • Describe the combustion safety test that should be done before and after air sealing work.

Everyone who registers for the webinar will receive a link to the YouTube video recording to watch later. Everyone who attends will receive a Certificate of Completion and InterNACHI CE credit.

Paul Morin Energy Conservatory InterNACHI Webinar blower door


Another, cool beans, Ben! :smile:

They just started to make that a part of the AHJ inspection process around here.

Is this class in lieu of Home Energy Blower Door Training Course?

Hi, Jacob. It’s a basic training webinar. It’s not a comprehensive course, like the course you referred to. You may be interested in the home energy inspection resources at


Here’s the video recording of the webinar