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Some of the info on Power Point Presentations is flawed. For example; moisture content in wood should be less than 15% ?

I think I know] the exceptable level is less than 19%

Moisture content (MC) is a measure of how much water is in a piece of wood relative to the wood itself. MC is expressed as a percentage and is calculated by dividing the weight of the water in the wood by the weight of that wood if it were oven dry. For example, 200% MC means a piece of wood has twice as much of its weight due to water than to wood. Two important MC numbers to remember are 19% and 28%. We tend to call a piece of wood dry if it is at 19% or less moisture content. Fiber saturation averages around 28%.

Thank you for the input. As I did when John Bowman made his presentation last month, as well as this one, I communication and host the information, however as you note, it was developed and created by:
created and developed by North Dakota State University Extension Service

They have assured me that their information is factually correct, and as such I will communicate with them any typos or % items which may not be the exact item. Please e-mail me with any corrections which should be communicated to them as well as your documentary source for each item I am making them aware of. When working with any college, etc. it makes sense to have the actual refernce material to document any corrections.

Thank you for your input, and your feedback. Atleast I know people are actually viewing it.

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if the first site is down, check these out. Overall, I like the amount of effort and energy the University took in developing these modules. They are free and, as explained, no one is perfect, so if there are any changes that should be made, I will communicate same to them, or they can be expressed on the message forum, which is monitored daily.


Members are looking at this and we/I appreciate your efforts for NACHI members.


Thank you for your efforts!

absolutely my pleasure