Free Online Electrical Course

December Free Online Classes:
**Wednesday, 02 December 2009 at 9:00 pm EDT
(8:00 pm CDT, 7:00 pm MDT, 6:00 pm PDT)
4 Hr. Continuing Education Course
2 Hours online and 2 Hours of offline self-study
Online student meeting and continuing education class
02 December 2009, 9:00-11:00 pm EDT

				Instructor George Wells will be hosting the  					free monthly online continuing education class. The topic  					for this month is **"**Inspecting Residential Electrical  					Systems - Advanced Topics and Concepts, Course 01**"**.

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(the link will be updated the day of the class, approximately 2-4 hours before the class begins)
The course is free to everyone. Two Hours online and two Hours of offline self-study. The course is approved for FOUR hours of continuing education for CMI, InterNACHI, CFI and CFA (North American Institute of Appraisers and Inspectors), and CCBI (Management Science Institute). The meeting is held at Be sure to log in a little early to make sure you have a connection and sound. The class size is limited.

Wish you luck on your class George. I encourage everyone to attend and learn.

Thanks Paul. I’ll focus on the How and Why stuff. If any code questions come up, I’ll send them to you :smiley:

We should do a class together sometime. It would be great fun!

Anytime fella…You know I will help you in any way possible and anytime. I think you handle the code issues just fine my friend.