Free, online, Inspecting Foundation Walls and Piers advanced course.

Good course!!

IT staffer Beccah Levine did a bunch of work on it.

Funny thing Nick,

I just finished a concrete course at George Brown College, I have read extensively on the topic, and I was in the process of putting a similar course together for NACHI members!

Mr. Russell Myers did a good job!!

Some good info about concrete, the other files I have are huge and I’m unable to load them here.

Hey Nick!

       I just completed this course, and I think it had a lot of valuable info in it. Thanks once again for the ever increasing volume of educational materials you supply to all of us at no charge.

Good course Nick, lots of info.

I noticed at bottom,…leased2008.htm
is says 8 CE Hrs.

When it is only 3 hrs. Some reading the 8 might wait and take it later thinking it was a longer course.

The course is good, quite comprehensive. Well done everyone.

Christopher, my bad, good catch, fixed, thanks.