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Thank you Nick, very nice.

Is there a way to make power point presentations playable from DVD players?
I have a portable DVD player I would like to be able to play them on. I do not have a portable computer to use.

Oh definitely. My computer comes with the capacity to burn to CD or DVD. Plus many DVD players now are capable of playing CD’s, MP3’s etc… Just check your computer’s capabilities and programming.

I can burn CD’s & DVD’s of all types except -ROM. That isn’t the problem. DVD Players do not play .ppt files.

I was wondering if the Power Point Presentations could be saved in a format that most DVD players would play? I don’t want to have to manipulate the whole presentation in a movie making program (Frame by Frame). Not enough time in my day to be doing that right now.

Microsoft Plus Photo Story 2 LE is one I was just playing with. You just pop the photos into frames, put in the music, and record some audio. I made a mini movie in about3 minutes and it has the fades and blends and what have you.

Is that the type of program you are looking for, or that is too much trouble for you. Because it seemed to go pretty fast. It saves in a lot of different formats.

Wendy, That will work, but I was hopping that there might be some kind of plug-in or something for Power Point that would let you just save a Power Point Presentatiom already made to a format that would play on a DVD player.

You know, I already have all these .ppt’s saved on my computer, and if I could just open them, install a DVD into my DVD burner, then just have Power Point save the presentation as a DVD movie rather than a .ppt.

One program rather than 2 or more programs to use. I’m tired of needing to use multiple programs for everything.

I’m sorry Jason. I’m not much help.

I thought I’d heard of something like what you want. I think my Dell XPS laptop has that capability in Media, but I can’t use it right now to find out. :frowning:

Other than that, I don’t know of any other programs.

Very interested!

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