Free to all InterNACHI members and CMIs: Free E-Mail Newsletters - a Guide.

**PRESS RELEASE: Free E-book “E-Mail Newsletters - a Guide” by George Wells

**E-mail Newsletters are a great cost-effective way to market your inspection business - or any other business. A good newsletter will help you establish, build, and maintain business relationships. Not only is a good newsletter a great way to stay in touch with former clients and real estate agents, it will also attract potential future customers. A good marketing tool is one that will help you build your identity in the marketplace and will help consumers remember you when they need an inspector. Aside from one-on-one contact with people, nothing can achieve that goal better than a good e-mail newsletter.
[FONT=Verdana]Doing an e-mail newsletter is easier to do than you might think. This brief 17 page e-book has the 10 things you need to know to be able to do an e-mail based newsletter. You will be able to start publishing your newsletter the same day that you read the book! The e-book is free to InterNACHI members, CMIs, BestInspectors.Net customers, students and graduates and Merrell Institute students and graduates.

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