Free "We'll Buy Your Home Back" Guarantee inspection vehicle decals.


Thanks Nick!

Just put one on my truck.


Was going to order two of these. On the checkout page states $0.00 for shipping then changes on the last page asking for credit card information. I don’t think I will be using inspector outlet’s website any more. I do not trust a site that asks for personal information for a free item.

But you trust sites that asks for your credit card information for items that aren’t free???

13-year old kids goofing off and ASSHI members would be ordering free stuff and having it shipped to Bangladesh if we didn’t identify you.

So if I have set up a special product page for you to pay one penny for them, you’ll order them… and have no issue providing a credit card to pay the penny? It sounds totally freakin’ nutty to me, but you’re a member… so I’ll do it for you. Let me know for sure this is what you are really asking me to do, by replying to this post, because it will take them extra work to build that special one-cent page for you, and I don’t want to waste their time if you still aren’t going to order them.

I try to accommodate every member’s request, so if you’ll only trust the site if it charges you one penny, I’ll have them set it up to charge you one penny.

Just talked to They are going to build you a page that charges you one penny.

I’m here to please.

Yet … you don’t answer why, for a free product, you are collecting credit card information?

Why are you asking for credit card information for someone ordering a free product? That seems like a fair and harmless question that you should be able to answer with very little dodging or controversy.

Last time I checked… shipping was like $11.78 for a FREE CPI decal! :shock:

Jim asks:

Jim, I already answered your question in the second sentence of my post #6. Both Jeffrey and you quoted my post, so I know you’ll find it.

I.O. is going to accommodate us on this one way or the other. They’ll be replying soon.

That is not correct, since the day these were offered we have charged shipping for them. That’s why we asked for your credit card. I have a long list of guys who have ordered these from us who have all paid shipping charges.

However, as of right now, Nick has said that InterNACHI will be covering the shipping charges for these from here on out. I have updated the website so that shipping is not required. If you order these decals, and only these decals, you will not be asked to enter any credit card information. Please inform me if that ends up not being the case, my email is below.

I just checked our system using your zip code. If you choose UPS Ground as your shipping option, then yes, it would be $11.78. By why on earth would you? UPS Ground is for packages and their pricing starts at a pound. These decals weigh about an ounce. Save yourself some money and choose USPS First Class. You’ll only pay a few bucks at most.

See above. These decals were never shipped for free, until now. That’s why we asked for CC info, to pay for shipping charges.

UPS pricing starts at 1 pound (minimum). FedEx is the same. I think it might have to do with the USPS having a legal monopoly on first-class mail. So, don’t complain to UPS… complain to your U.S. congressman. See: The USPS has a legal monopoly on non-overnight letters. offers USPS, so make sure you choose that option when ordering flat, light things like decals.

At the time, it was the cheapest option listed. It was only a week ago. I commented on this in a thread to Nick. Apparently, based on his reply above, he just again blew off what he didn’t want to hear.

I see you now have the shipping corrected on the IO site.

My apologies… Nick did reply…

My issue was not whether or not there was a shipping cost. The issue I have is that it should be stated upfront that there is a shipping and handling charge. I am not a fan of surprises especially when it comes to personal and financial security. I apologize for opening up this can of worms. My intention was not to incite a debate about shipping charges. It was merely a statement.

Not a problem. We aim to please.

The other reason I prefer that charge shipping on InterNACHI products that InterNACHI gives to members for free (other than the fact that USPS, UPS and FedEx want to be paid to deliver it) is to keep what happened with our free microwave oven leak detectors from happening again. Years ago, they got on and some other free stuff sites and we had tens of thousands of orders come through from consumers all over the world all at once. It was a disaster.

I do understand why the shipping cost is necessary I just like to know in advance. Lol. I have one of the microwave testers I love it. I just did not expect to pay shipping on the decals. The interNACHI and IAC logos were not charged. Just threw me off. Again sorry for opening the door for a debate about shipping costs.