Fresh air intake - Energy Star Homes

How many are inspecting the newer Energy Star homes?

Are you finding fresh air intakes into the return ducts without any filtering?

What about lack of electronic contolled dampers to limit the amount/time the intake is open?

This intake grille is not a filter.


do you put filters in your Windows when you open them? :slight_smile:

I never knew where they came up with that term “fresh air”…

…as opposed to “stagnant air”. I’m sure you’ve walked into a home or three praying the windows opened to get some “fresh air”! :wink:

if it’s “fresh air”, do we need to filter it?

We do put filters on fresh air intakes, so I’m not saying it’s not necessary, because people have desensitize themselves so badly that they’re allergic to to just about everything. You can’t even go to the ballgame and eat peanuts anymore! :slight_smile:

This is discouraged here and was one of the big problems with a CMHC solution to a tight unconditioned home.
HRV’s are now the only thing being accepted according to our area.


I believe a motorized damper is required. From the HVAC Contractor Checklist Ventilation system does not utilize an intake duct to the return side of the HVAC system unless the system is designed to operate intermittently and automatically based on a timer and to restrict outdoor air intake when not in use (e.g., motorized damper).

Although a good idea I do not see a requirement for an air filter. Maybe they forgot that many systems still have the filter in the return grill!

For those that do not follow Energy Star - you have made the correct decision! ES V3 will be overtaken when and if municipalities and states adopt the 2012 IECC.

The air that comes in the window gets filtered before it gets to the indoor coil.