Dont see too many Friedrich Heat pumps in my area. Anyone know the age of tis unit. Thanks

Model#: V2 12. Serial#: FB0416.

Here is what info I have on Friedrich, but nothing on finding the date.

FRIEDRICH: Residential HVAC acquired by ARCO in early 80s. In 1985 became Friedrich Climate Master Inc. selling water source heat pumps. Friedrich name dropped from tradename in 1987. Friedrich HVAC products evolved into Arcoaire. Friedrich name still used on window units & mini splits after purchase of Zoneaire from ICP.


Past Friedrich Factory Rep:

If a Residential A/C (Air to Air Heatpump) says Friedrich - Gotta be at least 20+ Yrs old.

They used the name Climate Master on Water Source Heat Pumps (Factory was in Ft Lauderdale)

The F is the manufacturing plant, B is February, and the zero is for 1980. They used that system up until ca. 1985.

Thanks guys. Did not think that one was quite so old.