From contractor to inspector?

Thanks Mike. I am in PA and have updated my profile. I appreciate the feedback and a little insight into some of the not so good about the business. I plan to join in the near future and start the learning process. I have also reached out to an inspector I met a few years ago and am coordinating a ride along. I started reading the book by Wally Conway that I saw referenced in another post.

I am really impressed by all the offers of assistance to a complete newbie on the forum. It really shows the type of people who frequent this board.

I already have all the insurance, retirement, and a college saving plan in place.

Dan, I lived in PA for 40 years and ran a successful home inspection company in Philly.

That book is not for home inspectors. It is targeted toward his local real estate agents. It’s a high-end marketing piece in other words. It is not advice for inspectors.

You also have to join InterNACHI by regulation in PA.

Dan, you’re in Harrisburg!
If you want to come down to Baltimore for a ride along I’d be happy to play host. The transition from GC to HI is pretty easy in some ways and perhaps hard in others but well worth it imho.


Thanks Tom, that is a really kind offer.

Ty Nick, but it’s nothing, I just like meeting new people!


Nick, I will be joining. I also quickly found out the purpose of the book.

Tom, thank you, I plan to take you up on your offer. I will be in touch next year to coordinate a time.

I am a contractor and a home inspector. Around here they call us Conspectors.
Being an inspector is a lot less burden on your head.
No subs to worry with is just one of the worries you won’t have.

As for marketing.
One thing I did a zip code search looking where there were a few to no inspectors and hit these areas hard with NACHI made brochures and business cards.
I am surprised as to how much work I have gotten in theses areas.
I have to turn work down sometimes now because I can’t do it all on my own.
Go here and see how many NACHI inspectors are in your area.
PS: I really love being an inspector.

Email me after you join and I’ll get you this book for free:

I started a thread the other day that is very similar to Dan’s thread. Kind of odd that our backgrounds are so similar and the timing is a coincidence. My thread hasnt shown up yet, I saw it had to be moderator approved. I will be joining right after the first of the year.
My question is; after taking all of the NACHI courses online will I be in a good position to pass the Kentucky State Licensing test?
Looking forward to hearing how the courses help with the prep for licensing.
Thanks for any and all help.
Sorry Dan, didnt mean to hi-jack and good luck.

Gavin, yes. Visit and and you will have no problem with your state exam.

Thanks Roy! No problem Gavin, I am in search of info just like you. Nick, thank you!