General Inspection Questions

I’m new to this website and I just currently started taking courses getting certified for home inspection. I was just wondering if someone could point me in the right direction or thread on getting started and the pros and cons. I have 12 years construction experience and am very excited about starting a new career in home inspections.

I’m not sure where to look for marketing tips and making sure I can make a career out of this and not just a part time job. I don’t believe the hype of $70k + a year being an inspector. I’m not in it to get rich. I’m in it to help people understand the hidden dangers of buying a home and let them know I’m on their side and not let them get ripped off.

I guess I’m interested in which route to go, in business for myself or work for a company. I would rather work for myself but I don’t want to fail my first year. Thank you all for any help and support.

You could start here and then all the items in the left column for information and if you want anything in particular, you can go to all the learning threads that are viewable and listed when you join.
There are hundreds of members here ready to help you out. :slight_smile:

David you can make good $$ as an inspector, but it doesn’t come easy. It takes a ton of marketing and good inspections that lead to referrals, the more you do the more referrals. NACHI is th place to learn. Read and take notes.


You will find the people here are brutally honest and will at the same time give you the shirt off their backs to help you succeed if they see you are putting in the effort required. I learn something new here every day and am glad to help others as well.

The operative word above is “brutally”. Develop a thick skin, but Aubrey is right … you will learn something everyday.

Thank you all for the response. I have been reading around and taking some of the classes and exams. I am loving it! I am learning a little more about marketing and I am realizing that it will be a long road but I know I can do it with this great website.

I am reading so much my wife is starting to yell!!! Yikes! Maybe I should slow down. Thank you again for all your help.