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Don’t know if this has been posted previously.
Fujitsu date of manufacturing is not easy to come by using the serial number.
I wrote to Fujitsu inquiring about the age of a mini split heat pump and Fujitsu returned a link that appears to be useful if the HVAC is under warranty or at lest it was for me.
Hope this post helps.

Serial: LUN038094
Date of Purchase: 05/26/2014
Date of Install: 05/26/2014
Warranty: 7-5 years
Compressor Warranty Ends: 05/26/2021
Parts Warranty Ends: 05/26/2019
heat pump age


So when is the Date of Manufacture?
I want to know how long that unit sat in a dusty, (and possibly wet), warehouse before being installed!

I thought I made that perfectly clear? “Fujitsu date of manufacturing is not easy to come by using the serial number.”
I would be more concerned about the warranty date stated by the manufacturer, *beginning on the date of installation completion/start-up date verified by an installer’s invoice.
Hope that helps:-)

Not in the least bit.

Where exactly did you say that in your original post? You didn’t.

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Yes… it is.

Open the link.
Try reading, learning and helping, instead of insulting members and drawing a negative crowd.
It gets old real fast. As well, many members do not appreciate your rude tone to colleagues.

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So Jeffrey wants to know how long that unit sat in a dusty, (and possibly wet), warehouse before being installed?
Thinking logically. Which important component of the mini spit HVAC are yo referring to?

  • Heat Exchanger. …
  • Blower Motor. …
  • Condenser Coil or Compressor. …
  • Evaporator Coil. …
  • Thermostat.
    And those are just the important components.
    There must be hundreds of other pieces stored in ware houses manufactured throughout the globe prior being allocated to an assemble plant.

Durability. A Warranty, a written guarantee, issued to the purchaser of an article by its manufacturer, promising to repair or replace it if necessary within a specified period of time is accentual for consumers.
So far 4 misguided posts. Maybe if you injected some informative view others might chime in.

Answer the question dumbass!!

Some of these mini-split units have random SNs and have no relation to Date of Manufacture. They have told me this directly. If you call them they can bring it up in their system and tell you but from now when I run across these, I will list the SN on the report and indicate “Manufacture date could not be readily determined”. If you want to call them and be put on hold for 30 minutes (like I did once)…they can get you the date…but I find it better to list the SN for the client if per chance they need it later.

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Not always. Some claim to not have that information!! WTF!

Afternoon, Larry. Hope this post finds you well.
That’s what I have been told as well although my call was put on hold and redirected to service manager. It took roughly 2 minutes.
Looking up the date the warranty appeases the written guarantee, issued to the purchaser. Manufacturers promise to repair or replace if/when necessary ‘within a specified period.’ Good enough as far as my clients are concerned.
Parts and manufacturing are global. Raw and finished products shipped all over the world when ordered.
Thanks for chiming in.
Best regards.
Robert Young

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