Fungi building materials

Not exactly green though

Why isn’t it green?

That’s wild!

I’m a fan of HempCrete:

Would be good for Colorado :wink:

Thanks for the info John!

Mycelium has the capability to dry because extraordinarily tough and impervious to physical damage and go dormant (i.e. not “die”)
It has developed this capability over millennia in order to survive in hot dry climates and other areas during the hotter months (Italy, Arizona, Nevada and California for example).
Re-hydrate it and …wham, it’s growing again. It returns to it full vegetative and fruiting phase. This characteristic has been used to store mycelium (especially that of warm strains that would die in the fridge)

This means that the builders have the advantage of being able to build really strong homes with the dried stuff.

It also means that home buyers, when they buy a home made of this stuff, presumably have the advantage of seeing their residential investment grow (literally) come then storm. New marketing ploy for builders “Buy a house, grow a condo” :twisted:

lmfao :d