Furnace Disconnect

From the Disclosure Form:

“All construction and repairs were performed by a Professional Engineer (Homeowner) and approved by Permit and Inspections conducted by the Municipal Inspector.”

This is only the smallest of indication as to what was found in this home…

I got a chuckle out of it when I noticed the disconnect handle was missing from the box.

What was he a chemical engineer? :roll:

I have always been under the impression that engineers were very meticulous.

However, while they were writing, son arrived home from college with all his friends and they decided to have a margarita party and forgot to write the rest on the disclosure form. Here it is:

“As soon as the inspectors left, we went in and did some additional work which might have screwed up the work that the municipal inspector approved.”

This home has a Full Addition (2 Story, 2 Bath, Frame on Slab Construction) that increased the size of the home by approximately 50%.

Home Owner (Engineer) was the GC of the Project.

Buyer is requesting copies of Permits and Inspections.

Man, i hope the rest of that home wasnt that bad,if so you earned your fee, Matt…