Furnace Not Responding

I know we don’t get into explaining to our clients what is wrong with the furnace when it does not work, but I’m curious as to what might cause this.

I completed an inspection a week ago and the gas was off to the home. Forward to this week and I make a second trip to check those components that need gas to operate. When I get to the furnace and put it on heat mode, around 85 degrees, the fan kicks on and I can hear the clicking sound it makes when trying to light. It does this five or six times and the furnace just stops.

The gas valves were all on and the furnace was only six years old. My thinking is something may be wrong with the electronic ignition. In the report I will note the furnace did not respond under it’s normal controlls etc…check the manufacturers warranty etc…

Just curious as to what might cause this in a relatively new furnace?

Not your job if the gas has been shut of they need to get a service man in to fire up the equipment example fire place, Water heater furnace, BBQ.
It could still be off it could be a long run and air in the system .
Give the responsibility over to an expert.
… Cookie

As long as the gas valve on the furnace and shut off on the gas pipe shut off valve going to furnace was on, I agree that there is a good chance there was air in the gas pipe. As noted above, not much a home inspector can do.

Depending on the furnace, it may not be getting enough fresh air for the system to ignite. My furnace is 4 years old, it has a fresh air vent with a filter, if the filter gets plugged, the system will try to start due to lack of air (maybe vaccuum (spelling?)) the ignite process starts but then “locks out”.


The furnace will “lock out” after a determined number of tries to light. You must turn off the power to reset.

It is likely air in the line. You are trying to light a pilot that has an opening as small as your hair. You can’t purge the gas line through this.

A union fitting needs to be cracked or turn on the gas stove (if downstream) till you smell gas. A HI should not be cracking the union. The gas stove is another thing.

Depending where you live, the gas company may do this a lot cheaper than anyone.