furnace problem ?

I have a 17 year old furnace that cycles on and off every 5 min. or so. I have been told to leave blower running so I don’t ruin blower, but is there any adjustments that I can make to stop this problem. Or is this a problem?

When is the last time it was serviced?

Could be several things causing this.

The only one you should consider are checking to make sure your air filter is clean.

There can also be problems with the burner lighting system or blower blower control but these are well beyond the expertise of the typical home owner.

Be safe and and contact a HVAC service technician.

is it the burner coming on off every 5 min or the fan? if it is the fan the furnace needs a cleaning the heat exchanger may be full of soot, if it the burner it may be the high limit switch cutting in and out

hvac-talk.com Pro’s all over the place on that board that can tell you specifics.

Also can be the thermostat.

It takes more than symptoms to tell you what’s wrong with a gas heater.

Call for service.

It’s short cycling. Many possible reasons. Call your local heating and cooling professional to determine the problem and repair options.

Three problems you never ignore;

1 - your mother-in-law
2 - the brakes on your car
3 - your furnace

Call for service YESTERDAY !

Hey, George. I’m perplexed. So you do not ignore your mother-in-law, but you can ignore your spouse? Hmmmmmmmmmmm. LOL

1 - When she was alive - AGREE
3 - AGREE - Serviced this past weekend

Recommend calling your local trusted HVAC contractor . . . several possibilities . . . call now.

What “short-cycles” the burner or the blower? If the burner short cycles it mayy be a clogged filter, causing the “high-limit” control to turn off the burner.

Replace the " Fan Switch". aka ;cam stat, fan limit combo , etc;
it is weakened by the helix bi metal that over a long period of time weakens.

to stop it from short cycling , it would be wise to seek a professional,

They have a free directory and resources that are local nationally to everyone.

also , you can ask any question and get life time support or help as long as the site is open and you are a member.



Good possibility that it is the thermostat. There is an adjustment for what is called anticipation. If that is off or not working, it will cause the furnace to short cycle.