FYI: We have "I hate Nate" and "I love Nate" t-shirts at our booth in A.C. next week.

$14.99 each. Nathan is offering a $2 subsidy if you add a RecallChek logo to them ;-).

Send me a recall check T shirt. I don’t need Nate’s face or name on it.

I certainly do not hate Nathan.

As long as it’s a hairshirt, it shouldn’t matter which side your’re on, we’re all a little uncomfortable with Nathan. \:D/

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IMO you could have covered both sides of that coin with one slogan “Kiss my Nate”, depending how you look at it. Much more cost effective!:smiley:

I could see a few inspectors shelling for one reading… Nates Bait. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll take one. I ran out of toilet paper.

maybe some want “I love to hate, Nate”? Or no matter what “I hate to love Nate”…the possibilites are endless

Oh, this is going to be fun!

They sure are. “WTF Is Nate”

How about "Who the F is Nate?

Or “Have you seen him?”


No one could tell by your actions…

Before you blow any dough on these shirts, guys, you need to know that they were specifically designed by Thornberry from the same pattern used for 90-day warranties.

Accordingly, they will not last for the 90 days that they are advertised to … and they cover very little.:wink:

This is the ultimate marketing strategy for Nate. He is laughing at all of us.

What Me Worry?

LOL. Gotta give you points for wit.

Can I get one of both, I’m a bit bi-polar?

I’m thinking yes. :wink:


Personalized…I like it!:stuck_out_tongue:

I smell trouble. LMAO!!!